Open Source Foundries Partner Program

Our Partners

As an open source company working with partners across the ecosystem is key to our success. Partners have access to our products for internal use, and are weclome to both use and contribute to our work. If you are interested in the microPlatforms please contact us, or sign up using the form below.

What is a microPlatform?

Key differentiators of microPlatforms

We can support any CPU Architecture

  • ARM, Intel, RISC-V etc.

We can support any Cloud

  • Alibaba, Amazon, AT&T M2X, Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud, mBed Cloud, and private clouds too

microPlatforms undergo relevant and rigorous automated testing

  • microPlatforms are continuously tested against real-world end-to-end IoT use cases, ensuring that every update works from the cloud to the device

Partner Benefits

SoC / MCU / SoM Vendors and Distributors

  • Integrate your products into the microPlatforms
  • Accelerate your customer designs
  • Use the microPlatforms as reference software for your devices

Wireless and peripheral solutions

  • Build support for your products into the microPlatforms
  • Open Source and/or proprietary code
  • Enable supported reference software for your reference hardware

Device management and Cloud providers

  • Enable microPlatform customers to build products that interface out to the box to your cloud
  • Enable more devices to integrate with your cloud services

Service Companies

  • Deliver value-add to microPlatform customers
  • Provide integrated development services
  • Offer advanced hardware enablement
  • Deliver long-term support

Reference Hardware

  • Open Source Foundries identifies and uses a small number of key hardware products for rigorous testing and verification of the microPlatforms
  • Selected hardware partners are selected for many reasons including:
    • Product functionality (Connectivity/Radios, Sensors, Security hardware, AI engines etc.)
    • Level of upstream support
    • Automation-friendly hardware design
    • A commitment to maintaining support upstream for your hardware
    • A commitment to maintaining any closed source/proprietary blobs
    • Global availability of your hardware to developers and product manufacturers
    • A commitment to hosting CI facilities, or funding installation and support for your hardware into our production CI Labs

Why partner with Open Source Foundries

  • Partner with us on delivering an open source, secure, updatable platform for connected products with lifetime support & maintenance
  • Enable your product or service into the microPlatform offerings
  • Influence our roadmap
  • Get recognition and visibility on our website and marketing materials

Simple terms and conditions

  • Partners simply maintain a single annual subscription for the microPlatform(s)
  • Partners can verify their product “works on microPlatform”
  • Leverage self-testing/certification programs (coming in 2018)
  • Partners may use the subscription without restriction for internal use
  • Partner internal engineering teams get immediate benefit by working against a stable, verified open source software platform that benefits from automated integration testing and continuous updates of the latest technologies

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