Open Source Foundries Labs
At Open Source Foundries, we are constantly creating software and new technologies that help us deliver on our microPlatform mission. These efforts, though they may not be formally supported as products, often help us demonstrate the capabilities of our microPlatforms or help us improve the overall ecosystems we participate in.
Automation is paramount to our success and to meet our huge goals we built the horizontally scalable open source CI system JobServ. Find out more about JobServ on Github @
EZ containers / App Store
Our EZ containers project uses the Portainer software project. Portainer is "an open-source lightweight management UI which allows you to easily manage your docker hosts or swarm clusters".

In our EZ project we maintain an set of template containers that can easily change the personality of a target system. With these templates you can turn your system into a Google Assistant (with a microphone and speaker), an Airplane Tracker (with an SDR radio), a BLE IoT Gateway or load a variety of other demos.

You can find out more on Github @