Zephyr News, 18 April 2018

This is the 18 April 2018 newsletter tracking the latest Zephyr development merged into the mainline tree on GitHub.

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microPlatform update 0.14


Zephyr microPlatform changes for 0.14

Zephyr updates from 0.12 cycle, no MCUboot changes

Linux microPlatform changes for 0.14

OSF Unified Linux Kernel updated to the 4.14.33 stable release.

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Zephyr microPlatform, Zephyr OTA via DFU/mcumgr

In this blog we describe how to use the Zephyr microPlatform and the in-tree Zephyr samples to build, flash and perform an over the air (OTA) update of a Zephyr application over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This demonstration uses the DFU support within Zephyr provided by mcumgr.

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Linux microPlatform, now with OTA updates (beta)

Starting with Linux microPlatform update 0.13, we are including support for over-the-air (OTA) updates.

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Using AT&T's IoT Dev Kit

In the Zephyr microPlatform update 0.13, we have released support for the AT&T IoT Starter Kit (LTE-M).

With the following instructions, you can start using Zephyr and the IoT Starter Kit with LWM2M in a matter of minutes.

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Zephyr Newsletter 11 April 2018

Zephyr News

This is the first of a periodic (weekly-ish) newsletter tracking the latest Zephyr development merged into the mainline tree on GitHub.

The goals are to give a human-readable summary of what’s been merged into master, breaking it down as follows:

  • Highlights
    • Important changes
    • New features
    • Bug fixes
  • Individual changes: a complete list of patches, sorted chronologically and categorized into areas, like:
    • Architectures
    • Kernel
    • Drivers
    • etc.

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microPlatform update 0.13


Zephyr microPlatform changes for 0.13

Zephyr tree with new networking features, driver updates, and bug fixes, among other improvements.

A new zmp tool build option, –overlay-config, makes it easier to mix-in configuration fragments when building.

Experimental support for the Wistron WCN14A2A LTE-M Modem is provided in Zephyr microPlatform specific patches provided by Open Source Foundries.

Linux microPlatform changes for 0.13

OSF Unified Linux Kernel updated to the 4.14.26 stable release. Support for OTA software updates is now enabled by default in the Linux microPlatform, supporting OSTree with TUF and compatible with the ATS Garage and ATS OTA Community Edition services.

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180 days

It’s March 30, 2018, Good Friday, and it has been 180 days since we started Open Source Foundries. In this time, we established our initial infrastructure, created the first microPlatform products and, on March 27, we produced our 12th update to the microPlatforms, roughly 1 update every 2 weeks. When we started the microPlatforms, we wanted to get our systems and processes running smooth enough to provide meaningful software updates that could be integrated into products by our subscribers.

You may think that consuming software updates every 2 weeks is daunting, however, the upstream projects are ever-evolving and in this same period, Zephyr has seen 3,385 commits and the Linux Kernel has seen 28,876 commits and we aren’t even listing the changes of the other software projects. Long story short, with all this activity, there are new features and fixes that affect all aspects of computing that your products may have missed out on. With the microPlatforms we have created a product that not only keeps you close to the latest software, but standards-based and fully tested end-to-end for use within connected IoT products.

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microPlatform update 0.12


Zephyr microPlatform changes for 0.12

The Zephyr tree incorporates significant changes from the v1.12 merge window, including virtual file system support, websockets, network logging, and more.

The MCUboot tree includes a single new feature, allowing users to set device tree overlays.

The zmp tool includes several new features, which are taken advantage of in the reference applications.

Linux microPlatform changes for 0.12

No changes have gone into the LMP since 0.11.

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microPlatform update 0.11


Zephyr microPlatform changes for 0.11

This update includes Zephyr’s official v1.11 release, along with some MCUboot changes which are required to keep compatibility with a Zephyr API change.

The sample applications have turned off some unnecessary Bluetooth options, saving approximately 4 KB.

Linux microPlatform changes for 0.11

No changes have gone into the LMP since 0.10.

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